Saturday, 25 November 2006

Vigil on the run!

Since I posted the material sent to me by HuT Britain, there has been a lot of interest on other blogs about this damning indictment on VIGIL.

The first link in the article to VIGIL's website has now been hastily removed by VIGIL as it was evidence of their clear alliance with neocons and defenders of Zionism.

You can still find the page through a Google Search though.

Shiraz Socialist's Blog also gives some interesting views on the fantasists of VIGIL.

The page for Glen Jenvey has also disappeared mysteriously since HuT published its investigation into Vigil.

However I found a version of it on another blog. This is what it said about Jenvey before it was taken down:

"Glen Jenvey began studying radical Islamic groups when he was in college. His first job as a so called secret agent, was for the London authorities, who back then had hired him to record a demonstration outside the U.S. embassy. He has filmed many similar demonstrations before he was eventually asked by the U.S. embassy to travel down to Iran to gather information on military facilities there. Over the past years, Glen has worked for the intelligence services and agencies of several other countries, including Sri Lanka, for whom he infiltrated the Tamil Tigers, a group credited with the first suicide bombings. Glen eventually began using the internet to infiltrate terrorist organizations. It was mainly through his online work that Glen developed a relationship, and subsequently helped bring down, Abu Hamza al-Masri, a leading cleric at Finsbury park mosque in London. Both Richard Reid (the shoe bomber), and many of the September 11 bombers, had ties to Finsbury Park."

There is no independent evidence to verify Jenvey's claim that he "helped bring down" Abu Hamza al-Masri. Indeed, many have wondered whether Jenvey's vigilante techniques may have jeopardised official police investigations.

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