Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Vigil update

Since my last post, it now seems that Whiteman et al. at VIGIL [there are only about half a dozen of the wanna be spies in any case] have embarked on removing their material from the web that had been exposed in earlier posts on this blog.

It is now not possible to access VIGIL's website and the Google cache has also mysteriously disappeared. If VIGIL are a legit organisation then why have they suddenly removed all traces of their website - is it because they have been exposed?

I also noticed a new rant from Whiteman on Global Politician. He has obviously been rattled by this blog, accusing HuT of setting it up and then strangely alleging that HuT have alleged that this blog is the official VIGIL website. Hilarious!

Whiteman lies by saying that VIGIL does not have a website - it did, but Whiteman hurriedly removed it after he and his goons had been exposed. Whiteman was exposed as the super sleuth who was at the cutting edge of intelligence work by, wait for it, doing Google searches!

It also shows how far off the mark Whiteman is when he says that "Imran Waheed" was interviewed by Newsnight - anyone familiar with the organisation and anyone for that matter who watched Newsnight knows that Imran Waheed did not appear on Newsnight - the HuT spokesman was a member of their UK Executive, Dr Abdul Wahid. I am surprised that Whiteman's skills with Google didn't help on this occasion.

I don't think anyone believes this is the official VIGIL website given the stuff that has been posted on here. As for the official VIGIL website, we would all like to see it, but it has been pulled.